Computational Engineering

  • Modelling and Simulation

Novel simulation methods to offer solutions

Computational Engineering at Nanoforce focuses on fundamental and applied research in multiphysics of materials.

Our range of expertise range from fracture mechanics, nonlinear solid mechanics, fluid mechanics and coupled phenomena (thermal, electric and fluid-structure interaction).

Because our close links with the academic world, our staff are at the frontier of developing novel simulation methods to offer solutions that off-the-shelf software cannot provide. This is what distinguishes Nanoforce from other consulting companies in the field.

Current research highlights include:

  • Simulation of three-dimensional crack propagation in composites
  • Simulation of crack initiation and propagation in composites
  • Development of non-uniform rational B-Splines (NURBS) distance function algorithm for extremely curved cracks
  • Multiscale models for nonlinear wave propagation for non-destructive evaluation of damaged materials
  • Meshfree simulation of spallation, plugging, and fragmentation in high velocity impact of metals