Industry Applications

  • Industry Solutions: A different view on innovation

Nanoforce provides integrated services to companies and organisations with innovative solutions and specialist facilities

Nanoforce has a distinguished track record working in the general areas of polymers, ceramics, rubber physics, composite processing, failure prediction and component design.

Nanoforce has supported over 100 companies such as Dow Chemical, General Electric, SABIC Innovative Plastics, DSM Dyneema, L’Oreal, Shell, Transitions Optical, Sibelco, and DSTL to enable the development of new materials or improvement of existing products for a variety of applications:


  • Development of joining technique for control flaps on a potential hypersonic plane
  • Characterisation of metal/ceramic joint in the tool posts used for satellite integration
  • Development of ultra-hard nanostructured ceramics
  • Novel sensors and materials for extreme conditions
  • Conductive polymer composites
  • Fire retardant polymer composites

Environmental Sustainable Materials

  • Sustainable thermoelectric containing earth abundant sulphites silicides
  • Electrode design for secondary batteries and supercapacitors
  • Replacing precious metals from fuel cell’s catalysts with sustainable alternatives
  • CO2 capture into porous carbon materials

Smart Textiles

  • Electrospun nanofibers for filtration, medical an protection
  • Micro- and nano-encapsulation
  • Photoembossing for micro- and nanopattering
  • Nanocomposite based on CNTs and graphene
  • Organic thermoelectrics for self-regulating temperature
  • Smart packaging and films
  • Polymeric optical sensors
  • High performance textiles


  • Biomaterials and multifunctional scaffolds for tissue engineering
  • Artificial joints
  • Dental products

Renewable Energy

  • Cost effective solutions for solar and fuel cells
  • Biochemical from Biomass
  • High performance natural reinforcement composites


  • Fully recyclable and biodegradable plastics for packaging and construction
  • Biodegradable and bio-based polymer (e.g. PLA, PHB, PCL) and composites
  • 100% cellulose-based binder-free materials


  • Development of UHTCs (ultra-high temperature ceramics)
  • Ballistic protection for vehicle and body armour

Nuclear Energy

  • Silicon carbide based composites for fuel tubes