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  • Polymer and Composite Processing
  • Modelling and Simulation
  • Ceramics Processing


A bridge between Academia and Industry

Nanoforce Technology Limited was established in 2005; it is an open-door industry-facing research and development company committed to delivering state of the art material solutions based on advanced processing technologies.

Nanoforce aims to enhance the quality and performance of customers’ products by providing technical solutions in competitive timescales. It is driving innovation in the advanced materials sector through continuous development of industry-leading expertise, high value added products and integrated services.

Nanoforce consists of a team of experienced professionals specialising in high performance ceramics, advanced polymer composites, process modelling and materials characterisation. Each customer’s particular application is supported by our well-equipped facilities and we provide unique solutions for a wide range of topics including:

  • High-performance ceramics processing: Spark plasma sintering of structural and functional ceramics, and metal alloys
  • Synthesis and processing of materials in strong magnetic fields: Synthesis of non-equilibrium phases, hierarchical and textured microstructures
  • Advanced polymers and composites processing: Compounding, electrospinning, coating, printing, micro-encapsulation and smart textiles
  • Computational modelling: Theoretical and numerical modelling for the dynamic failure of hybrid micro and nano-reinforced materials
  • Materials characterisation: Mechanical and chemical testing, thermal analysis, conductivity measurement and spectroscopic analysis

Over the years, Nanoforce has created a strong strategic partnership with governments, industry and other research organisations to identify market requirement and to transform scientific expertise into diverse industrial applications in Aerospace, Creative industry, Environmental sustainable materials, Healthcare, Renewable energy, Energy storage and Biotechnology.