Nanoforce Technology Limited was established in 2005. We are an industry-facing research and development consultancy committed to delivering state of the art material solutions based on leveraging the key equipment and facilities of Queen Mary University of London, as well as the world-leading expertise of its academics.

Over the years, Nanoforce has created strong strategic partnerships within various industries, governments, and other research organisations to identify market requirements and to transform scientific expertise into diverse commercial products in aerospace, creative industry, environmentally sustainable materials, healthcare, biotechnology, high technology ceramics, renewable energy, and energy storage.

Nanoforce consists of a team of experienced professionals specialising in advanced materials research, spanning fields such as high-performance ceramics, advanced polymer composites, process modelling, cell engineering, tissue engineering, medical devices, drug delivery biomaterials, and analytical materials characterization. We excel in efficient project management and communication, focusing on delivering exceptional value to our clients at competitive timescales.