BioMedEng23 Conference Highlights the Pioneering Work of Queen Mary Bioengineering

21 September 2023

Prof Karin Hing Awarded the Prestigious BioMedEng Innovation Prize
Prof Karin Hing Awarded the Prestigious BioMedEng Innovation Prize

At the recently concluded BioMedEng23 conference, Queen Mary Bioengineering showcased its prowess and contributions to UK Biomedical Engineering. The two-day event, organised by The Association of Biomedical Engineers, Medical Engineers, and Bioengineers (BioMedEng Association), highlighted remarkable advances in and around the UK biomedical sector.

Prof Karin Hing Awarded the Prestigious BioMedEng Innovation Prize?

Prof Karin Hing, of Queen Mary University of London, was awarded the BioMedEng Innovation Prize for her industry-changing work in synthetic bone graft research. Prof Hing's groundbreaking work, particularly in the development of Inductigraft™ (UK) and AltaPore™ (US), has transformed the field, reducing the need for additional surgeries and thereby reducing patient recovery times. As one of the founding scientists of ApaTech, her vision has led to innovations that have not only been commercially successful but have also made significant contributions to global patient care. Prof. Hing's award is a testament to her outstanding career achievements, which include various accolades such as the Royal Mail Stamp in 2019 and the University Research Impact Award in 2023.

Queen Mary Bioengineering's Significant Presence at BioMedEng23

This year, Queen Mary Bioengineering showcased its strength at BioMedEng23 with 15 oral presentations, 6 poster presentations, and 3 sessions chaired by its esteemed faculty. The sessions revolved around critical areas in biomedical engineering:

Cell/Tissue Engineering chaired by Prof Thomas Iskratsch
Biomedical Imaging and Image Processing chaired by Prof Himadri Gupta
Medical Devices & Implants chaired by Prof Zion Tse

Additionally, Dr Stefaan Verbruggen presented at the conference with his insights on "Embedding EDI in Local Research Culture", a testament to Queen Mary's commitment to Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion.

Queen Mary University of London to host BioMedEng2024


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