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Nanoforce Technology Limited

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May 2015

Nanoforce partner in nanoSynth Project

1 May 2015

NanoSynth will develop a synthesis platform to manufacture industrial quantities of graphene-filled epoxy resins that will deliver significant benefits to a wide range of markets where improvements are needed in strength, stiffness, toughness, electrical conductivity and thermal performance of epoxies. The primary applications being targeted within nanoSynth are composite resins ... [more]

March 2015

Instrumented Indentation Course

1 March 2015

Wednesday 15 April to Friday 17 April 2015 This course is intended for current users who want to gain the experience and knowledge required to extract useful data from challenging sample materials. It is also intended for users of conventional indentation methods (Vickers, Rockwell, Knoop, etc.) who are thinking of adding instrumented indentation ... [more]