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Nanoforce Technology Limited



Nanoforce partner in Erasmus Project "Organic Electronics & Applications"

1 May 2014

The main objective of the Life Long Learning (LLP) Erasmus Project "Organic Electronics & Applications" - OREA is the development of a MSc curriculum in the field of Organic Electronics. In this project there is synergy between Universities, Research Institutions and Enterprises.

TEI of Crete (coordinator), Imperial College London (UK), University of Oxford (UK), Politechnico di Milan (IT), University of St-Andrews (UK), Cyprus University of Technology (CY), Johannes Keppler University of Linz (AT), University of Groningen (HOL), Friedrich-Alexander Universitat Erlangen -Nurnberg (GER), Institute of Electronic Structure and Laser - IESL (GR), Technion Israel Institute of Technology (ISR), NanoForce Ltd (UK), Solvay S.A. (BEL), Ceradrop (FR), Beneq (FIN), Aixtron (GER)

Sanam Ghaffari and Dr. Emiliano Bilotti from Nanoforce Technology are participating in this project. Following the completion of the project they would endeavor to participate in hosting the proposed course in Nanoforce. Sanam Ghaffari is coordinating the development, description and proposal of "Technology Exploitation" module.

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